Slots are amongst the easiest online casino games that nearly anyone, given that you are at a legal age, can jump into. Whether you play to make a living or purely for entertainment, there’s only one household name that comes to mind when we talk about slots.

What is Slotomania

Slotomania is a well-known online casino that is very focused on online slots. Moreover, this online casino can differentiate itself from its online competitors because it offers some online slots games especially for single players like you and me.

Such niche specialization enables this casino to essentially focus on its target product and produce it accordingly excellent and unique.

It’s proved by the aforementioned fact that Slotomania offers excellent graphics-intensive online games using excellent animation and excellent sound design. Its games are played by slot machine enthusiasts and professional gamblers alike.

The appeal of Slotomania

There are a lot of different reasons why online slots are fun to play, but the number one reason for most players of online slots is the prizes that they win. Winning a prize in a casino is a great incentive for players to keep playing, and winning big amounts of money is what keeps players coming back.

Slotomania provides an exciting way to enjoy slots all while replicating the feeling of winning some money at the same. While there are a lot of different reasons to play other casino games, slots are easy and simply appealing. Slotomania is an online slot fan’s perfect companion.

It is a popular online slots-focused website that has a good reputation. Slotomania makes for a good time for such an addictive game. You can say that it’s a perfect app for people who wanted a taste of the real thing.

Getting started

It’s now clear why Slotomania is perhaps the main craze for online slots players. Let’s now get into getting you to win some games on there. But before we get any further, let’s just address the big elephant in the room: you cannot win any real money in Slotomania. It lets you play free slot games.

But what’s the point in all of this? Well, for one, Slotomania is an online slots website that can offer the same immersion as if you are playing the real deal. In some ways, you can treat it as a training ground if you wish to practice and do good at slots. And besides, not everyone plays slots for the winnings.

Going back, playing Slotomania for the first time gets you free coins as part of their Welcome Bonus. You may even download the Slotomania mobile app so you can claim a no deposit bonus of up to 10,000 free coins. Not bad for a starter pack.

Claiming more free coins

Our goal to win at Slotomania is to help you get better at playing slot games no matter what the variation is. As you may know, there are several kinds of slot games out there and Slotomania has it all. It’s the best slot-focused platform in the market after all.

Did you know that you can claim more free coins by simply connecting your social media account on Facebook to your Slotomania account? The point in all of this is that this creates a greater chance for players to play more and improve.

There is even a way to earn more through the Playtika Rewards points from Playtika, the makers of Slotomania itself.

Play on your phone

As mentioned, Slotomania has a free mobile app that you can download. For everyone’s convenience, you can now enjoy an endless number of sessions of your favorite slot games. It even rewards you with free coins for simply installing the app on your phone.

The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Who knew you could play free slot games with little to no risk or without having to spend any real money to improve your slots skills?