Gambling in Singapore

Considering that Singapore is one of the world’s dream tourist destinations when it comes to gambling, it really comes as a surprise to know that gambling is completely complicated in the country. If you do not know, Singapore has some of the most luxurious gaming floors on the planet.

It may still seem a bit unusual for a country that is a very big tourist destination to allow online gambling, but you will realize after visiting such countries as Macau and Las Vegas that they have done it for several years.

Singapore does not yet have a legalized online gambling venue, but it is a virtual certainty that one will appear, especially as online betting becomes more popular here.

Land-based gambling

Ever since the realization of gaming floors, arcades, and gambling establishments, land-based casinos are considered the norm and mainstream location to play all your favorite gambling and casino games. Before online casino sites were invented, your only option is to visit brick and mortar casinos.

This is especially true in countries that do not permit public gambling like Singapore. While gambling is certainly allowed in the country, it is not fully embraced by many. This is why there are gambling laws that limit gambling activities to certain operators and even require age restrictions.

Singapore is one of the best casino destinations that offer unprecedented options in Asia. Just like Macau, the country boasts some of the most prestigious casino resorts on Earth. We’ll talk about them very shortly.

Online or Remote Gambling

Despite the abundance of world-class casino gaming floors, any online gambling venues are not allowed in the country.

The reason why Singapore banned online betting is quite logical: It is to take control of the increasing and alarming number of gambling-related crimes in the country. Singapore is a conservative country, and online betting has the potential to attract a whole lot of problems like crimes or gambling addiction.

This is especially true for those who do not have an interest in local sports and entertainment. The more famous national celebrities become active in online betting, the more Singaporeans would try to take advantage of this untapped market.

Online casinos offer the opportunity for the locals to enjoy gambling virtually anywhere albeit not an easy task because of the online complexities going on. We will be discussing further how online gambling becomes feasible if you really wanted that online casino experience.

The thing that people love about online gambling is that there are hundreds of casino bonuses to take advantage of. Gambling online is a sure-fire way to earn as much without ever having to spend as much on other expenses like hotel accommodations and such.

Popular casinos in Singapore

Now that we’ve learned a few things about Singapore online casinos, let’s talk about some popular casinos in Singapore. As mentioned several times already, the country is no stranger to gambling facilities as it is in fact, one of the best gambling-centric spots in the world.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is considered to be the largest gambling resort in Singapore. With its 49 hectares of iconic theme parks and luxurious hotels, it has even been given the nickname Asia’s ultimate casino destination, one that Singapore is prominently proud of.

This casino resort is also home to many popular restaurants, sports venues for golf, and even aquatic activities.

There are other Resorts World casinos on the planet and this Singapore casino destination is also amongst the highest-earning casinos not just in Asia, but around the world, too. There are over hundreds of casino games, casino tables and almost 2,000 other electronic, and table games.

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is without a doubt one of the most visited locations in the country. This integrated casino resort stands as a state-of-the-art infrastructure that offers breathtaking landscapes and a unique entertainment experience.

With that said, it is also obvious that it would truly cost a fortune to book a night of reservation in Marina Bay Sands for a night of gambling and casino gaming. The casino provides the most convenient access to the airport and many other tourist attractions that make your visit very worthwhile.

This hotel also has an exceptional reputation for its state-of-the-art casino rooms and gaming facilities. There are

The Remote Gambling Act of 2014

The law that made online gambling legal in Singapore brought so many more questions than answers. While the purpose of creating a law that prohibits any remote gambling activity is for the better, there are obviously some disadvantages that came along with it.

Many Singaporeans believe that this would destroy the country’s moral standing in the world. Their casino covers up to 160,000 square feet and there are around 2,500 gambling machines and additional 700 casino game tables to accommodate gamblers seeking the ultimate casino experience.

Regardless, the act’s intention to minimize any gambling-related misconduct and gambling problems for minors, it creates a safe and controlled environment for both the locals and tourists alike. For them, it is the best solution to balance the economy all while keeping Singapore at peace and in order.

While the act limits the many online betting and gambling activities over the internet, some are not taking the consequences that entail violators. This is because there haven’t been any reports of any culprits.

Why bet online in Singapore?

Many Singaporeans enjoy online betting and do so on a daily basis. In fact, more than half of the population plays online. The number of Singaporean players is growing by the day, and online betting is one of the best ways for them to earn some money.

But why choose to bet in Singapore? Well, there are a number of reasons that we have already talked about. One of the most obvious ones is that Singapore is a friendly country that is no stranger to tourists. At the same time, the cost of living here isn’t as high as you might think.

Just imagine, you can win millions of Singapore dollars in just a matter of minutes, while you are sitting right in front of your computer! This is just one of the reasons why bettors should start and consider betting online in the country.

There are many other reasons why you should learn about online betting in Singapore. Not only will you be able to experience the excitement that online gambling brings, but you will also gain access to a huge customer base.

Online casino sites allow gamblers from around the world to place a bet on a game that they feel like placing an actual bet on. With millions of people placing bets online on a daily basis, Singaporean gamblers find that they have a lot of opportunities to make some serious cash!

Online sports betting in Singapore

Online sports betting is just as popular and prominent in Singapore. In fact, some of the most popular sports in the country are football, basketball, golf, and horse racing. Betting on sports is just as popular amongst sports fans and casual sports players.

Wagering on sports, just like everywhere on the planet, is a bit troublesome especially if you do not have the means nor the time to visit the nearest betting venue. This is why betting on sports online is not only convenient but also accessible.

Many Singapore online casinos also offer the convenience of online betting for sports. While there are technically two online sports betting websites with a limited selection of sports and that is legally allowed to operate in the country, a variety of other gambling websites is a far better choice.

Singapore casino games

If online betting or sports betting isn’t your thing, worry not as there are tons of exciting casino games that are unique to the Singapore market. This extends to both land-based casinos and Singapore online casinos.

All the brick-and-mortar casino venues are filled with hundreds, if not, thousands of casino tables, roulette tables, slot games, and other electronic gambling machines.

What makes the casino experience memorable and much better is the fact that the casinos themselves are conveniently located near many recreational establishments like restaurants, theme parks, museums, airports, malls, and more importantly, hotels.

Some of the most popular land-based casino games are table card games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, dice games like sic bo, roulette, and of course slots. Each gambling facility specializes in a particular casino game and professional dealers and casino employees are some of the world’s finest.

Mobile casino

One may argue that mobile casino games are the future of online gambling and gambling in general. There’s an endless number of possibilities that mobile gaming can provide. We live in an age where portability and convenience play an important role in everyone’s lives.

It is the internet that has proven that technology has no limit and that gambling can still be improved. Gambling at our most convenient time is perhaps the greatest privilege that remote gambling has to offer. And to be able to do that on our handy smartphones is truly revolutionary, to say the least.

The mobile casino games you can find are the same exact games you would typically find in a casino. The best thing about it is that it is surprisingly immersive. After all, the goal is to create a realistic casino experience as if you were in an actual land-based casino.